Transition, Recovery and Special Needs


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njury Prevention/Post Rehab  Injury Prevention/Post Rehab

When we get hurt the hardest thing is to stop; we want to keep going.  Respecting an injury is critical and will ultimately help you recover faster and move better. This is not a one-size fits all.  Your body needs special attention, customized to fit you and your current physical needs to get you back to 100% quickly.  Fast track your recovery with this individually tailored program.   Together we will get you stronger and fast track your recovery to reach your movement goals. 
Now that you lost weight!  Now that you lost weight!

Congratulations on your new health journey and your reclaimed body!  Whether you chose a surgical or non-surgical approach, your body has gone through significant change.  Understanding the need to balance a solid fitness program with your new lifestyle, we create a program that is carefully designed to fit your new needs so that the weight you worked so hard to shed stays off while enjoying how your body can serve you with its amazing abilities.
 April 30th CC Photo Persons with Disabilities

You or a loved one may be working through a disability which requires special attention.  You will be well taken care of by a Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer who understands the limitations and can design exercises to address them. Care, patience and going-with-the-flow during every session makes for a meaningful and successful experience.