The Athlete In You


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Let’s Play! - Your Overall Fitness Program!  Let’s Play! - Your Overall Fitness Program!

If you watch children on a playground they show us the moves we need for the rest of our lives and they have fun doing it!  If you are looking to improve your overall fitness the fun way, we can help get you there.  You and your body will become better functioning, gain a natural state strength and agility all the while having a blast enjoying your definition of play!
Executive Fitness - Stepping Away  Executive Fitness - Stepping Away 

Desk professionals really do not need to sit any more than they have to and need to undo the sedentary damage such as neck strain, back ache, sore hips and the like.  Working smart, efficient and effective needs you to be in peak physical condition in order to achieve all around success.  These fun and challenging workouts are custom tailored to relieve the stressful demands of the job, achieve physical and mental benefits of exercise.  You can take back some techniques to the office to relieve strain having you more balanced to be the best you possible. 
Senior Fitness  Senior Fitness

An insurance policy of strong muscles and bones will help you maintain your strength, mobility, and quality of life.  It is important to be able to move with ease, maintain your autonomy and self-sufficiency.  Based on your health history and experience, we will create a simple, easy-to-do program for you so you can feel safe and strong.


Rotational Sports  Rotational Sports - Swing!

Whether you are golfer, tennis player or other any athlete, you need to keep your eye on the ball.  Your body’s ability to rotate is a chain reaction from your toes to your nose.  Certified to use the Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 Screening we will do a complete movement analysis and build a correction program so you can play with your best strength and control, bettering your game on the courts, fields or on the course.
Equestrian  Equestrian

Your relationship with your horse depends upon physical communication.  When we lose confidence, our frustration with ourselves can interfere with the joy of riding.  Training your hips and core on the ground allows you to discover the ease of movement on horseback that allows for an independent seat. Once your aids are independent, you and your horse move together as one, creating the illusion of perfect stillness in motion.
Run, Jump, Cheer!

Dance, Run, Jump, Cheer! 

High impact sports demand that your body be flexible and strong to move with ease.  You know when your performance has been compromised at the smallest moment.  This is a message that a movement analysis and correction program is needed for you and your sport to prevent injury.  Together we can regain your confidence in your performance knowing your body is there to serve you.