What Hides in the Gap between your Mind and Body

There is this bizarre gap that exists between your body and your mind which almost everyone is aware of yet so difficult to tap into. You try talk therapy. You try to exercise it out. You even try to meditate out. Yet it lingers. I go here on this topic for I was given a gift in a recent business retreat to acknowledge it, feel it all at once, be heard with no advice or story trump, to be able to create an image of it and watch it transform into something more tolerable. Read More

Five Words and Movement FUN

Our bodies each have a distinct history and I have yet come cross someone coming back with the same health history questionnaire as someone else.  So how can we each have the same exercise program? We can't and we are meant to move! Which brings me to a recent exercise to describe my business in five words. This was a tough exercise for I feel I need at least 100 words because each of my clients have their story expanding the uniqueness of my business.  I did eventually come up with Be Fit Anywhere - "where exercise meets your FUN."  It may sound corny but I it says so much of my passion for people to get closer to their movement fun.  What is movement FUN?  Here are some examples from my clients on how they define movement fun. Read More

The Value of a Bench

When I see a bench waiting to politely at the side of a path so many thoughts enter my mind. I take a moment of thanks to the persons who choose to place the bench in that spot. The Bench offers so much we take for granted of the opportunity, comfort and joy it can bring. The bench is a place of rest before continuing down your path. The bench is a place to tie your shoe with ease or to place a few items to rearrange yourself. The Bench offers a place for companionship to enjoy a great conversation with a friend. It provides opportunity to perform exercises such as step-ups, push ups and more. It brings a moment of peace to sit quietly to meditate or watch the world go by. Each of us are a bench to some cherished people in our lives. We can offer space for persons to rest, be the companion to someone, be someone's playmate for exercise or offer the calm of sharing quiet space. Take a moment to reflect on those lovely persons we rely upon to be the lovely bench in your life for the perfect moments and how you are that bench bringing joy and comfort to others. When I see a bench next to the path, river or playground I usually seem to find a warm smile of gratitude to those that provided the opportunity to take a comfortable moment to sit. Read More


Reaching a little bit further

I was taking a walk at Duke Island Park where I came in from an alternate direction. The day was beautiful and my thoughts were caught up on the ones I love so dear. As I approached the first break of the path I noticed that the bridge to continue was gone. Did they close it up? Do I need to turn around? I should have gone into the main entrance to walk this area. I squinted my eyes and convinced that the bridge was gone! I could have turned around but I chose not to. I took a few steps further, no change. A few more, still no change. A just a bit more and the bridge opened up to me in full view.
I could have trusted my eyes for the truth, instead I trusted my mind and heart. I knew it was there, I just needed to have faith in my beliefs not in what my eyes show me. Take that step of faith. Who knows of the truths that may exist inside you!  



A picture has a million words, the million words you choose.

I recently encountered a situation regarding my brochure redesign. I put a picture of myself in a TRX handstand on the cover. I asked several of my clients if they would pick up the brochure. Half said "yes" the other half said "no" as they were intimidated by the picture. I thought this was quite interesting for I have a great sense of pride of this picture and made me think of the million words a picture can tell and what it can't. Here is what the picture doesn't tell. This picture shows a tremendous amount of work and rehab. I have a standing joke that I am down 3.5 knees and have one joint left. These are from skiing, car accidents, a slip and fall and early years of poor training. Around 1999 I was running on the treadmill and somehow blew my shoulder. I felt like Mel Gibson from Lethal Weapon trying to bang my arm back into place. I could not pick up my arm for weeks which made driving a stick shift a tad difficult. My arm was so weak that it hurt when I ran, walked, carry light items, drove and what frustrated me most was I was unable to carry my son. Fast forward....I worked very hard to run again and gain enough strength to be able to have my shoulders actually carry my weight. So to me the picture is a picture of my FIT (Function, Inspiration & Transformation) is one of hope. I wanted to carry my son and regain my strength which I did and then more. My injury moved me into the fitness and movement world to bring others hope to find their FIT. So when you see a picture and ready to put your million words into it, consider what a different set of million words may be.

Your Movement Defines Your Identity

Your movement defines who you are. Think about it. You know gardeners, knitters, runners, golfers, tennis players, bakers, computer geeks, mechanics, home makers and the list goes on. Most people you know actually have a combination of movements they enjoy (and don’t enjoy) in life. Let’s take me for example. I am a runner, walker, biker, kayaker and a cook. These are some of the things I like to do and try do more of in my life. The things I don’t like: being on the computer, washing floors, paper work and general sitting. I still need to do these movements associated with those activities but they do not define me. For those who know me well I prefer to stand when I can (as a matter of fact I am standing at my kitchen island writing this so I don’t sit). My husband and I are known to be an active couple because we go out to play. We are runners at very different speeds, kayakers, bikers and golfers. Are we really good at any of them? No. You don’t have to be! The point is if you want to be something then get involved in the movements that get you there. I watched this excellent TED talk about how the body can change the mind and the mind can change the body. If your mind is not sure about who you are then get your body into the movements to help the mind believe. Go define your identity you want to be! Photo Credit: https://unsplash.com/luke_pamer/portfolio

The Pros and Cons of Simple Stubbornness

Life is an amazing journey and everyone has their own story. Each person’s story includes family, friends, non-friends and enemies. We all have our sense of gratitude for the way our lives have been touched in one way or another. This blog post is about the enemy we create for ourselves – The “I don’t want to look old” syndrome. Principle of truth: Our bodies age with time. How it ages is based on the decisions made during your lifetime and now comes a time you need help but will not acknowledge it. Suddenly you may ask “When did I become slower? My feet hurt and are unstable! I’m kyphotic (hunched over) and I am so afraid of falling! How did this happen?” However, the concept of a cane or walker is out of the question for “you do not want to look old”. Who is the real enemy here? Time? Gravity? Pain? Burden? Pride? Fear? The answer is YES! We cannot force our loved ones to realize they need help and utilize the tools available to help them. We know that these tool will help stabilize and help keep them safe lessening our fear and worry. Hopefully we can learn how it feels in order not to repeat these behaviors to the ones we love. Take care of your stubborn self today as aging is bound to happen. Be stubborn in keeping a solid healthy movement and nutrition program to enjoy your loved ones for many years. Acknowledge when tools are needed to maintain your quality of life which will be a gift of keeping fear and worry about you at bay. Photo Credit: https://unsplash.com/kyleszegedi/portfolio

Following Through

Following Through: Starting something new always seems to have the one thing attached to it, following through. I started this new website one year ago and it has been such a journey. It started with a change in the logo, new touch and feel, better integration with technology, package design and the like. What I did not expect how each layer of the journey impacted my belief system. Every step of the way I had to ask if what I was putting out there authentic and true to me while resisting the corporate stamp feel. I am very passionate about my work and how I can help my clients achieve their goals. The commitment I have put into this project over the past year made me grow, learn and appreciate all the help everyone has given me along the way. Following through requires a support team. My support team asked me some really tough questions along the way, held me accountable to complete some key steps, showed me love when tired and a great intern, Jayden, to help me actually write the material! Success requires one's passion, commitment and drive. One alone cannot do it alone. We need to build our team to lean on, support us and push us when tired. Why? Because when we believe in something our team believes in us and what we can do too.